An International Photographer Map is the ultimate tool, the ideal, essential photographer's companion, before, during, and after your trip.
Your map is the equivalent of a 300-pages guide on a single, waterproof and tearproof page.


The eROADBOOKS are digital guides containing all of the essential information a traveler might need.
Fully illustrated with tons of graphics and photographs, the INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER guides are the pleasure of the trip before the trip.

" I did use your eROADBOOK during my trip and it was a HUGE help!
It was my main book to use for planning the trip.
The images you included were very helpful, and your photography is amazing! "

Los Angeles - California - USA

" Awesome product. Very detailed and professional.
The hard work just shows up on every page.
Its not only great for photographers but anyone visiting Iceland.
Highly recommended. "

Sugoto M
Charlottesville - USA

" I'm very impressed with the quality of your work:
it will be my companion during the trip programed for june.
I'm a stock and travel photographer
and I perfectly know how hard is to select the locations for the shots. "

Roberto Caucino
Biella - Italy

" Thanks for your good service and trust... lots of respect!
The map is a beauty, excellent work! "

Steven Callebaut
Paal - Belgium

" This map of Iceland is immensely professionally constructed and finished.
It should be the best friend of any person that likes to travel for photography in Iceland and has not the local knowledge of the country. "

Einar Erlendsson
Reykjavik - Iceland

" Your work is wonderful!!
Cant wait to be in Iceland and see all those places!
Take care and thank you for your GLORIOUS work you have done! "

Stavros Lambrakis

" Not only quality of the information on the map was superb, but also the quality of the materials of which is made, after 12 days of constant use, folding and unfolding, picking it up with wet hands, and placing my camera on top of it on the copilot seat, it still looks and feels as good as new. "

Madrid - Spain

" Just got the Iceland Map, its amazing.
Fantastic resource, thank you. "

Adam Walker

" I finally got to go on my trip and your map was invaluable.
It was used every day and I hope to purchase the next edition for my next trip.
Thank you for providing such a wonderful map. "

Inga Hotaling
Esperance - USA

" Just wanted to say thank you!
Your map was the most helpful guide we had for iceland.
We ordered severall iceland guide beforehand and didn't use any of it. "


" Thanks for you wonderful map of Iceland!
It helped me a lot during the preparation of our 16-day trip along the ring road.
I'm looking forward to new maps of new countries to explore. "

Sandy Van Oers

" "Michael says..." became the phrase of the trip.
I like your point of view (not only the photographic one...) a lot.
We drove appr. 83.7 % of your yellow marked roads - and you are absolutely right to mark them :-))) "

Monica & Andreas Nowak
Bad Vilbel - Germany

" Your map and ebook were incredibly helpful and easy and fun to use.
I hope it won't be too long before I return and will take it with me again.
Thank you so much. "

Marcus Honeysett
London - United Kingdom

" We used it as our main resource when organizing our time and our routes.
It was a wonderful combination of easy to access places and some a little off the beaten track (Klifbrekkufossar was one of our favourites). "

Sherry Hudson

" Map and guide were Super helpful.
Thank you! Hope you keep doing these for other places as well. "

Lisa Yamamura
San Francisco - USA

" Absolutley FANTASTIC map!
We used it to plan our two week trip to discover
off-the-beaten-path sites and routes to take,
and what places to seek out for the best photos.
It never let us down.
I can only hope that the other maps 'coming soon' will be here SOON! "

Robin Fingerson
Denver - USA

" I just wanted to say thank you for creating the photography map to Iceland.
To be honest your map was the only guide we used for the trip.
Thanks again for making such a wonderful guide map! "

Chelsie Polcha
Tampa - USA

" I just finished a two-week trip around Iceland.
I found your PDF book and the big map of Iceland very useful.
Thank you for providing photographers this amazing resource.
I would be lost without it. "

Dundee - Scotland

" Whether you're a photographer, hiker or just viewing the sights,
this map is great to have.
It's clear, accurate and I love the fact that it's tearproof and waterproof.
Highly recommended. "

Peter Robinson

" I used your Iceland map and guidebook on a recent trip and
found them to be invaluable resources.
I read through half of the guide of the Faroes last night
and it is absolutely FANTASTIC!
The thought and care and research you put into this is self evident. "

Tracy Wundrock
Madison - Wisconsin - USA

" We lived and died by your map of Iceland! "

Thomas Rozylowicz
Washington DC - USA



The TRAVEL STORIES are travelogues, recounting different expeditions day by day, from first light till nightfall. The beautiful photographs and captivating texts will really make you feel like you experienced each entire adventure for yourself! They are also amazingly useful in helping you plan your own trips.