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Josh Holko, award-winning australian landscape photographer made a great review of my map of Iceland in his blog. I warmly invite you to take a look at this very professional and instructive point of view.
I will find on both his blog and website some breathtaking photographs of icebergs and icy landscape, as Josh is specialized in Polar and Sub Polar regions. Josh proposes some fantastic workshops and photographic expeditions that i would be more than happy to be part of someday!

An International Photographer Map is the ultimate tool, the ideal, essential photographer's companion, before, during, and after your trip. It allows you to graphically situate the information given in the eRoadbook for the country in question, as well as providing a range of additional information.

The Roadbooks and eRoadbooks are guides containing all of the essential information a traveler might need. It's recommended that you read the corresponding Photographic Roadtrip, for a totally immersive experience, but it's not essential.

The Photographic Roadtrips are travelogues, recounting different expeditions day by day, from first light till nightfall. The beautiful photographs and captivating texts will really make you feel like you experienced each entire adventure for yourself! They are also amazingly useful in helping you plan your own trips.

A 24-day road trip around Iceland (anti-clockwise).

5,200 km (3,231 miles) covered, including the Westfjords.

Means of transport used there: car, boat.


28-day road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

6,500 km (4,038 miles) covered, including 21 Parks (National, State, Historical) and a visit to The Wave in Utah.

Route: California - Arizona - Utah - Nevada - California.

Means of transport used there: car, tram in San Francisco.


East to west crossing of Uzbekistan, accompanied by the country's best guide: Soukhrob Bobokalonov.

3,000 km (1,864 miles) covered. Route: Tahskent - Khiva - Bukhara - Samarkand � Shakhrisabz - Tashkent

Means of transport used there: plane, train, car.

A Hyperballad is a simple collection of a photographer's best images and observations upon returning from a trip.

Four days in Rome. A photographic exploration of the town and its suburbs.

Because we all like LARGE images, I am proud to present you these online photographic exhibitions by INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER.
Best viewing experience with a Hi-Res 1920 pixels screen resolution. Perfect viewing on Ipad. Please respect the photographer's copyright.

Not yet available !

Because you can learn a lot from listening to other photographers talking about their experiences and their vision.