CARTE ISLANDE V3 (Papier Tempête)


Cette 3e édition de la carte d’Islande est un succès mondial avec plusieurs milliers d’exemplaires vendus à travers le monde.

C’est LA ressource essentielle à tout voyageur photographe désirant obtenir le meilleur de son voyage en Islande.

Imprimée sur un papier étanche, ultra épais et indéchirable, elle sera votre meilleure amie sur les pistes.


→ La carte est expédiée dans les 24 heures .


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10 avis pour CARTE ISLANDE V3 (Papier Tempête)

  1. Charlotte

    Bravo ! C’est trop beau ! 😉

  2. Thibaud Peras

    J’ai découvert cette carte dans un des guesthouse lors de mon premier voyage en Islande, et depuis je ne m’en sépare plus !
    Cette carte est d’une qualité remarquable que ce soit graphiquement, sur la qualité du papier, ou même sur les indications de lieu ou de lumière.
    C’est un must have pour les photographes ou voyageurs qui voudraient aller au delà du simple, et je dirais presque banal, cercle d’or.
    Vous serez aussi bien content de découvrir que cette carte offre une bonne résistance au vent et à l’eau.. cela pourrait vous être utile dans certains moments de votre exploration !


    Hi there 😊,

    I have bought your map of Iceland in April and used it in May on our week long, Iceland round tour. IT was the best I could have done 😊. So thanks a lot for doing it !
    There are so many useful informations, it is totally packed. The tearproof/waterproof paper ( if we can still call it paper 😊) is also great. Aspecially in Iceland, where it rains and is wind all the time!!!. It is hard for me to express in a mail how much I really loved it. We were 4 and we almost fought for it. Everyone wanted on our way to check where we are and what interesting thing is coming next !!! I could keep on going talking about the good things and experiences your map gave us, but It is not what either one of us wants probably spend more time doing.


  4. Adam Levy

    I have a question, In the top right corner where it shows the length of day, I am assuming the dark blue is night time and the light blue would be sunset sunrise times, is that correct?

    • Michaël

      That’s correct Adam.

  5. Carla

    I am planning my trip to Icekand and just got your Map. What a piece of art. It is user friendly and it shows the main attractions very clearly. I love the comments. It makes me feel that I am on youtube but printed!
    Besides all the info, the map is beauriful! Thank you for producing it and making it available to the fellow travelers. Merci!

  6. Anatoli Bobicev

    Run to this map while preparing to Iceland photo-trip on Autumn-2019. As a guy who have fun of creating his own hiking maps for years – this map is a perfect piece of work, really helpful, especially you are « bitten by the photography bug ». Had some problems with map delivery time, and Michaël was very kind and responsive. Highly recommended. Thanks!

  7. miltonmj

    I am a very intense and thorough person when planning my travels. This map and the guide were a great surprise and extremely helpful. I recommend to all who are planning a trip to this fantastic country. And Michel’s (International Photographer’s) service is simply unsurpassed.

  8. Rachellarissa

    May I know if the legend Track means that we require a 4×4 vehicle to access it?

    • Michaël

      Hi Rachel, all F roads need 4×4 vehicle. Michael

  9. Daniel Gunz

    Hi all 😃
    Today I received the map of Iceland that I ordered from International Photographer.
    Just wanted to tell that it is great piece of work. This is very well done!

    Myself, I lived three years on Iceland and had the chance to see a lot of places on this beautiful island. All of them and many more are included onto the map, in a very descriptive and beautiful way. Therefore, this maps is a great reminder for me and I can use it to give recommendations to my friends if they plan to visit Iceland (I always struggled doing this with google maps or road maps).

    I hope, Michaël, you continue doing these lovely maps with other countries as well.
    I wish you all the best and keep on doing what you love!

    Sincères salutations, Daniel

  10. miki gross

    Wonderful photos, very good and intresting map. Very useful for planning my trip to iceland.
    I enjoy this purchase very much.
    Michael I’m waiting for your map & e-book of Alaska (-:

  11. Jean-Francois

    Hi travellers!!
    Just received the map and it looks amazing! The work done on this map is stunning the details, the legend, the content, different languages, the paper!

    It is a great piece to have with you and a wonderful souvenir!!

    Great job Michael!!


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