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I want to thank the 9,000 thousands users of this Map and Guide of Iceland.

Important: This version is from 2015, reason for the friendly price.

The guide and map of Iceland are the result of my 9 years of exploration, including 3 years as a photographic guide.

They will be precious allies to prepare your trip and do not miss any treasure when you are there.

Map in limited edition.




This map is the ultimate tool. At a glance, you can see all of the areas to explore and photograph in ICELAND.

The map shows essential route information, detailed descriptions of all areas of interest (volcanoes, waterfalls, lighthouses, monuments, fauna, flora, and curiosities), as well as national parks and nature reserves.


+ More information and sights to see, thanks to 9 expeditions we undertook to Iceland since 2009.
+ Travel times for the main routes on road and track, by car and by boat.
+ Increased legibility through greater visual contrast and the use of high quality paper and inks.
+ Map key now in four languages: English / German / Spanish / French.
+ Road network updated and improved.
+ Tearproof and waterproof paper.

Technical data

Printed on a thick tearproof and waterproof paper.
Scale: 1/600.000
Size (open): 980 x 680 mm (38½ x 26½ inches)
Size (folded): 120 x 225 mm (4½ x 9 inches)
Languages: English / German / French / Spanish
ISBN : 979-10-92378-01-6
Legal deposit BnF : October 2014.
Printed in France



– Basic planning pointers
– What vehicle should i hire?
– Which way round should i go?
– Light and climate 1/2
– Photographic subjects 1/3
– Where are the best places to photograph (sea)birds?
– How long does it take to explore the key sites?
– When is the best time of day to photograph them?
– Unmissable waterfalls 1/3
– Useful filters for iceland 1/3
– Making a panorama


– Hi-res maps of each day’s stage
– Detailed daily schedule, with timings
– The photographer’s comments on each place visited


– Photographic equipment
– General equipment
– Money matters

Technical data ebook

Versions : Anglais / Français
Number of pages : 162
ISBN : 978-2-9540219-1-1
Legal Deposit BnF : February 2012.



Map: Tearproof and waterproof paper.
Size (open): 980 x 680 mm (38½ x 26½ inches)
Size (folded): 120 x 225 mm (4½ x 9 inches)


The maps are shipped in sturdy enlevops (550g/m2).
Dimension : 18 x 25 cm


The maps are shipped everyday at 5 pm from Paris.

IMPORTANT: Please note that THERE IS NO TRACKING NUMBER for this shipping price.

Estimated delivery :
France → 2 days | Europe → 4 days | World → 4 to 10 days

If you are in a hurry we can arrange a DHL EXPRESS for you, please contact us by email.

You can also pickup the map in Reykjavik city center on day time if you wish. The shipping price stay the same because of taxes, currency exchange and customs. Please contact us by email.




Your eROADBOOK is a High Resolution PDF.

Once downloaded you can read it on every of your personal electronic devices.
You can also print your favorite pages.


Your eROADBOOK DOWNLOAD LINK will be available in your member’s area immediatly after your purchase




  1. Tracy Wundrock

    For years, my husband and I dreamed of renting a camper truck and spending a month exploring and photographing Iceland. In 2016, we finally decided to make it happen.

    As we began to plan the trip, we quickly realized that renting the camper was the easy part! Prioritizing the sights of interest to us, understanding how much we could reasonably tackle in a day, choosing an efficient driving route, and making sure we could leverage the best light of the day and the most ideal vantage points for photography…these were questions that required prior experience traveling in Iceland and a photographer’s mindset to answer.

    An internet search and a bit of luck led us to the International Photographer website where we literally struck gold! The Iceland map and eRoadbook we purchased provided the answers and reassurances we needed to form our plans. The map’s clever use of colors, symbols, and other visual conventions communicated a tremendous amount of information in a concise and intuitive way. The eRoadbook narrative provided supplemental information, travel advice, and insights to help photographers hit the ground running. We spent many weeks poring over the map and eRoadbook leading up to the trip and I can say with absolute certainty that these resources were invaluable to us.

    We had a fabulous time on our Iceland adventure and captured some of our all-time best photos, thanks to International Photographer. The map and eRoadbook helped us make the most of our precious travel time and easily handle any issues that came up along the way.

    The map, which is also a beautiful work of art, is now framed and proudly displayed in our home as a keepsake from our trip.

    Not surprisingly, the map and eRoadbook have become the de facto standard resource for Iceland travelers, whether they are photographers or not. We saw many people in Iceland walking around with the same map, and everyone we have showed our map to instantly recognized its value and purchased a copy for themselves. It’s money well spent to ensure a successful trip.

  2. Ivan K. Maras

    This map and guide helped me find all the incredible places my photographer heart wanted to see in Iceland. Not only was it fun to explore with but absolutely crucial in finding a time effective way to tackle most of what I wanted to see during my short visit of 6 days. I came back with my best work yet, thanks to this wonderful map and guide. I can’t thank you enough for your work and effort to create these more than helpful items.

  3. Cliff

    This map has proved invaluable for my many photographic tours to Iceland ( It is more thorough than I’ve seen in any other map.

  4. gazenium

    Just got back from Iceland and thank god I took the guide. The book was invaluable. We will 100% be going again and getting a camper van to do the full circuit. Thanks for all your great effort guys

  5. hedtjarn

    The best map and guide money can buy you! I have had these two as companions on all of my 3 trips to Iceland. They have been worth all the gold in the world to me and my cameras. They helped me plan my trips in high detail so I did not miss anything at all! Warmly recommended 🙂

    The only bad thing with the package is that whenever I look in them, I always yern to take the next flight over and skip my job 😛

  6. Luis Fernando

    I purchased the map to effectively plan my trip to Iceland in the summer of 2020.
    I received the map in record time and can say that I was impressed by the richness of detail and the quality of the material.
    Likewise the eRoadbook has impressive details and it will surely be my guide during my 21 days of expedition.
    I would like to thank immensely for all the attention given by Michel Levy who provided me with a lot of additional information via email.
    I recommend everyone to buy this product and I| look forward to the dream trip to Iceland.

  7. Daniela

    I wanted to thank you for your fantastic Island and road map. They will be a great help for our next trip in Island!
    You did a great job!


  8. James Montgomery

    My wife and I used this map for our first visit to Iceland and drive around the Ring Road. It was an amazing map that had great locations detailed unlike any other map out there. Finding those great scenic spots was a lot of fun and helped to easily plan our days. I look forward to buying the new map for our next trip.

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