I would like to thank my sponsors and partners for their support:

- Geysir Car Rental: loyal among the loyal, Margeir (the manager) gave me a CHEVROLET ESCALADE LONG VERSION, a real beast of a 4x4, six meters long. Its huge V8 engine took us over 4,000 km of track, and we slept in it for a month!

- Bjorn Hroarsson, geologist and director of EXTREME ICELAND travel agency invited me on a trip to Buri Cave, one of the largest lava caves in the world (one-kilometer long). I explored it just for you.

- Odin, the director of VIKINKG TOURS, asked if I'd like to join their boat trip around the Vestmanneyar, with their colorful captain who reminded me of Jeff Bridges. Another invitation I simply couldn't refuse.

- Chez Monique guesthouse has become my Reykjavik home from home, and I adore Monique. It's the ideal place to stay before heading out to explore the country; the comfort I need before leaving it; my decompression chamber.

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