Journal of a 23-day Icelandic road trip


We got back from Iceland on July 25, 2009, and it’s only now, on February 18, 2010 that I’m writing these lines, after seven months of solitude, working day and night on my photographs, and the account of this trip. I didn’t expect it to involve so much work.

But I don’t regret it. As I see the whole of this trip spread across the screen, all of my sensations of the experience return to me. I even pick out certain details that escaped me at the time.

This PHOTOGRAPHIC ROADTRIP is the second I’ve done, following the Southwest USA. It was a revelation to discover that I could combine all of the things that I love, and that I have practiced for so long: writing, graphic design, photography, and the most essential thing – travel and the pleasure of sharing.

Iceland is a unique and solitary place, a diamond, and this is for many reasons but essentially geological. It is unique, but fragile. You can see Iceland as a precious relic of the origin of our world (and even of our universe!), where nature and the elements confront each other with infinite grace.

You can also see Iceland as a theme park that has become accessible, since it’s really quite close to us (just 3 hours from Paris and London, or 5½ from New York!), where thousands of tourists disembark en-masse to enjoy the spectacle. We can be pleased that the devalued Icelandic króna allows the whole world to visit Iceland; however, I can’t help but think that this country is not prepared for it, and that its equilibrium has been weakened.

The only rampart that might limit the excesses of the crowds is the unpredictable and often angry climate, which may, I hope, calm the tour operators’ ardor and leave this country in peace a while longer, for this is a land where man is still very small, and nature is sovereign.

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