Journal of a 23-day Icelandic road trip


Iceland had always been a fantasy of mine. In 2009 it became a reality.

We covered 5,200 km (3,231 miles), traveling by car, on foot, and by boat, collecting a ton of images and souvenirs along the way: waterfalls (of course!), boats, flowers, mushrooms, birds, trees, horses, churches, and more, much more!

The weather was so bad that even the Icelanders were taken aback. There was hardly a day without rain, and the whole of the first week was a succession of storms. Clearly this was the price of an exceptionally dry and sunny July.

But as infernal as the weather conditions sometimes were for this photographer (raindrops blasted straight onto my lens by the wind), Iceland is undeniably one of the most beautiful places on earth. I hope that these images show that.

So come and join us on the Icelandic roads, where no two days are the same! You don’t even need a waterproof jacket!

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Take your time! There are lots of photographs to see, but each is the fruit of painstaking work, and there are many details you’ll miss if you browse too fast. So go gently, perhaps viewing just a few days at a time, if necessary. That way you’ll keep your gaze fresh!

If you’d like to know more about the planning of the trip, and all about the photographic and other equipment we took with us, then I invite you to purchase the eROADBOOK.

All the places mentionned in this book and much more can be found in the INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER ICELAND MAP.

English translation by Roland Glasser ©